How PH helped one of Auckland's leading beauty salon gain a $4.81 cost per acquisition result

    Digital Brand Strategy, Consulting & Execution Work
  • Industry
    Health & Wellness

  • 1800+
    new repeat clients generated by PH
  • $14,941
    Total Google & Facebook ad spend
  • 20.13 x
    Total ROAS
Auckland's leading beauty salon

This particular client had an incredible foundation already set with an established brand and excellent service, meaning we could focus our efforts predominantly on conversion rate optimisation and scale.In our initial planning session, we discussed the importance of automations and adding touch points to drive success across the below key areas. Enhance the digital client experienceIncrease average client spend and life time value Eliminate business growth pain pointsOnce we strategically planned out a formal ‘roadmap’ we quickly began work on putting the pieces together and launched our new customer acquisition system.12 months later we are able to consistently generate sub $5 cost per acquisition month-to-month on new client bookings and predictably scale up or down as the client needed.

How we did it:

We discussed in detail lifetime value and growth requirements based on business goals and came up with firm KPIs

We strategically analysed Shopify, Facebook, Google and competitor data to identify key opportunities and help set stretch goals

We executed conversion rate optimisation work on the website, social profiles and customer journey pathways to ensure maximum conversion opportunity

We launched local market hyper-targeting based on robust client avatar and clear demographics

We strategically remarketed to non-converters to maximise cut through

We worked on a seamless optimised customer welcome sequence and email automations to ensure we held engagement

We provided the client with EDM, content and SEO strategy to get maximum results across the board

Through data-driven precision and creative innovation, we've empowered our clients to scale their businesses at unprecedented rates. Achieving a +20x return on ad spend isn't just a milestone; it's a testament to our commitment to delivering tangible results and revenue returns for our incredible clients

PH Senior Digital Strategist