We offer a full range of specialised digital services, underpinned by best-in-class technical expertise, and tailored to deliver results. Whether you need help in a particular area, or a full digital strategy, our team of specialists are here to help, driving revenue and success.

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Our Services

Whether you require a particular area of expertise, or a full digital strategy, our team of specialists can help. Discover how we can grow your business.

Complimentary Digital Audit

Before client on boarding we offer a complimentary digital audit. We will run a review of your current digital channels. We will also look at digital assets including ad copy, creative, landing pages, and entire customer experience. We’ll review real-time data of customer behaviour, and identify the leaks and barriers to conversion.

Following an initial session with a member of our senior team, we will run a review of your current digital channels, gaining access to your ad accounts across all paid channels as well as analytics accounts.

Following this our team of experts will review your past performance including the current strategy and implementation to help us assess where the pain points are, and identify key opportunities to drive performance and revenue growth.

Our team analyses gaps in the market that are perfect for your brand, and reviews competitor activity to give our insights a sharp commercial edge.

From here, we will present back a comprehensive strategy and structure of how we intend to manage your accounts, putting together our suggested campaign set up along with conservative and blue sky budgets for discussion.


Digital Brand Strategy & Consulting

Our digital and brand strategy consulting services provide end-to-end omni-channel planning, from initial customer interaction to post-purchase support.

Just as every successful organisation requires a robust business plan, your digital presence deserves the same attention. We offer a distinctive 12-step framework with a concrete action plan, serving as a comprehensive roadmap for your digital growth journey.

Our digital & brand strategy delivers:
Omnichannel methodology, Clarity and accountability, Education and alignment

Social Advertising

We have an in-depth knowledge of algorithms, ensuring your ad spend is optimised to the fullest. Exceptional design alone won't suffice if your ads lack precise targeting and regular optimisation.

With our deep understanding of Facebook and Instagram algorithms, we know precisely how to unlock your ads' full potential. Utilising innovative technology and creative strategies, your ads will stand out and resonate with your desired audience.

Our social advertising management provides:
Return on Ad Spend, Reporting, Strategy, Communication

Paid Google Search

Delivering targeted Google ads precisely to your audience at precisely the right time. The art of Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is finding high-intent audiences actively searching for products and services in your niche. By profiling and targeting your market, we help grow your business. Whether you seek to fill appointments, increase online sales, or secure quality leads, our tailored approach ensures success.

Our Google ads management delivers:
Quality, Reporting, Strategy, Leads & Sales

Search Engine Optimisation

Elevate your organic ranking and enhance brand visibility with our dedicated SEO team. We optimise your website, focusing on improved load times, refined query-related searches, and strategic, evergreen content. This lays the groundwork for a consistent return on investment in an ever-evolving digital landscape with ever-changing algorithms.

Our SEO service delivers:
Improved User Engagement, Content and Link Building, 24/7 promotion

User Experience Auditing

User Experience (UX) Auditing involves a thorough assessment of a digital product or service to gauge its usability, accessibility, and overall quality of user experience. This evaluation typically includes examining various aspects such as navigation, content arrangement, visual design, and interaction flow. UX Auditing employs a range of methodologies like heuristic evaluations, user testing, and expert reviews to identify areas of concern and possibilities for improvement. By identifying challenges in usability and understanding user pain points, UX Auditing assists in refining products and services to better cater to the needs and expectations of their target audience, ultimately resulting in improved user satisfaction and engagement.


Conversion Rate Optimisation

Even with the best design, overlooking key user experience steps can lead to missed sales and revenue opportunities for your business. Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) analyses the customer journey across your ads and website, resolving any barriers to conducting business with you. This results in a smoother, more efficient sales funnel, providing customers with a significantly improved experience and reducing your customer acquisition costs.

Maximise your revenue and ROI with Conversion Rate Optimisation.


24/7 promotion

In competitive markets, Google displays up to four paid search ads before showing organic results. While this may impact rankings for brands, organic reach remains unaffected.

Content and Link Building

Highly considered navigation and content organisation enhance both site ranking and user experience. Users land on relevant pages directly from search results and navigate the site effortlessly.

Improved User Engagement

Having both organic and paid results at the top of search engine results enhances brand credibility. A site with tailored content to match user intent boosts site engagement and strengthens brand affinity.

Leads & Sales

Business growth and profitability from new streams of customers.


Quality campaigns that result in qualified customers, intelligently targeted to improve conversions and leads at the lowest cost for your business.


Ongoing updates and prompt responses from our boutique team to keep you informed throughout the entire process.


Regular sessions to ensure your your marketing is aligned seamlessly across all platforms.


Comprehensive reporting with advanced eCommerce tracking, allowing you to monitor every dollar spent and earned.

Return on Ad Spend

Maximising your ad potential for increased return on ad spend.

Education and alignment

Optimise your entire customer journey with a collaborative agency invested in your success. Maximise performance marketing ROI by enhancing your digital presence.

Clarity and accountability

A defined roadmap detailing responsibilities, deadlines, and desired outcomes.

Omnichannel methodology

Diversifying your traffic sources to create more sustainable growth opportunities.

Our Proven Formula

Our digital marketing strategies do more than generate likes and clicks; they spark reactions that drive engagement, conversions, and lasting brand loyalty. A catalyst for growth, tailored to you.


Initial Digital Audit

Before onboarding clients, we provide a complimentary digital audit to thoroughly examine your business's digital strategy, including campaign structure and targeting, conversion tracking, creative performance, and the overall customer experience. Through real-time customer data analysis, we pinpoint inefficiencies and barriers to conversion.



Expert Analysis

During this phase, we conduct rigorous market research, encompassing your market landscape, competitors, budget optimisation, and scalability potential. We'll then provide you with a strategic roadmap customised to deliver short-term gains and sustainable long-term outcomes.



Strategy Formulation

At this stage, our distinctive approach sets us apart. Your campaign gains a unique advantage with director-level expertise and insights from our Senior Digital strategists. We meticulously tailor your strategy, ensuring a responsible and effective path toward digital growth.



Seamless Execution

At PH, we recognise that flawless execution is paramount. Following the implementation of your digital strategy, we tirelessly refine and optimise it to maximise conversions and return on investment. Working closely with you on your campaigns, our aim is to expand your customer base, bolster your brand equity, and ultimately attain sustainable long-term revenue growth.

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Our team is a mix of creative thinkers and commercially lead analytical minds, working together to create digital reactions that lead to growth.

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