How PH drove a 100% sell through in four weeks on $20m+ development for one of Australasia's leading developers

    Digital Brand Strategy, Consulting & Execution Work
  • Industry
    Commercial services

  • $20m+
    in revenue generated
  • $19,803
    Google, Facebook & Linkedin ad spend across 4 weeks
  • 100%
    of product sold across a 4 week campaign
Leading Australasian Developer

This was an incredibly exciting project, which allowed us the opportunity to work across a single campaign running on tight deadlines. We approached our strategy by creating relevant customer avatars for potential investors. This is an extremely important part of the discover process as we look to form a clear understanding of demographics to achieve the best ROI results in the fastest way possible. Once we had broken these down, we began distributing ad placements across social, display and youtube ensuring maximum exposure to the right people. We also set up hyper-targeted search campaigns to capture those actively looking for commercial property investment. With time being of the essence on this particular project, we ensured daily optimisation across all campaigns and updated our creative strategy as units sold to emphasise scarcity and urgency. Within four weeks we had 100% sell through and 40% less spend than what was budgeted for this project.On top of the successful campaigns mentioned above, we also moved on to build their investor database began incorporating strategic email marketing into further campaigning, with fantastic results.

Within four weeks we had 100% sellthrough and 40% less spend than budgeted.

On top of the successful campaigns mentioned above, we have also further built their investor database and will look to incorporate EDM strategy into their next campaign

How we did it

We discussed in detail product margins and what our ideal vs ‘still profitable’ cost per acquisition was

We analysed Shopify and Facebook pixel data in detail

We focused on conversation rate optimisation work on the website to ensure maximum conversion opportunityWe leveraged their existing, well converting database to build lookalike audiences

We created a diverse range of ads across placements & platforms based on their top sellers

We marketed product viewers and abandoned carts

We optimised customer welcome sequence

We provided clients with a robust EDM strategy

This was an incredible project to work on. At the heart of our work lies a deep passion for empowering others on their journey to success. Our digital marketing strategies do more than generate likes and clicks; they spark reactions that drive true engagement and most importantly conversions

PH Senior Digital Strategist