Feb 14, 2024

Market Insights

Why performance marketing?

It’s a complex question with an uncomplicated answer – conversions and revenue growth.

As business owners ourselves, we understand the need to squeeze the most from your marketing budget. As the marketplace moves increasingly online, a digital performance strategy is your secret weapon to cutting through the noise and achieving sales.   

Notice we said ‘sales’ – not just eyeballs, or engagement, or page views or newsletter sign-ups. Unlike traditional forms of marketing that might use these vanity metrics to measure the success of your campaign, performance marketing is only concerned with tangible results. That means actual revenue returns for our clients.

“Adaptable, accountable, and driven entirely by analytics, a well-executed performance marketing campaign goes beyond brand building to optimise your digital investment and deliver an increase in top-line revenue.”

– Christine Kearney, PH Chief Executive Officer

Performance marketing vs. traditional marketing

The evolution of digital media has completely changed the way marketing works. This doesn’t mean there is no place for traditional marketing. A dynamic marketing strategy that hits multiple touchpoints is essential to business growth. 

Armed with decades of experience across the marketing spectrum, our expert strategists will help you understand and implement the most effective and synergistic combination of marketing initiatives to maximise each of their individual efforts.

In the contemporary digital marketplace, performance marketing is the fastest, most direct driver of sales. By integrating with other marketing channels and tactics such as content marketing, influencer partnerships, and traditional comms and PR, performance marketing amplifies reach and promotes conversion across the customer journey.

What exactly is performance marketing?

The digital journey starts with awareness-building among individuals that match a desired clientele. By targeting and retargeting these individuals we achieve awareness, consideration, and eventually sales conversions and retention. Repeat business follows. 

Once we execute an initial strategy across selected paid channels, the finetuning begins. At this point, data can be fed back into content design channels to continuously optimise what kind of creative is connecting with audiences. From here we can scale your campaigns accordingly. This is the essence of performance marketing.

Performance marketing tools and platforms are constantly evolving. With each new client or campaign, PH uses the latest research and runs the numbers to determine the right blend for your business objectives.

Your bespoke performance marketing strategy might include technical work across:
> Meta ads
> Google ads
> TikTok ads
> Pinterest ads
> Search Engine Optimisation 
> Digital Out of Home
> Affiliate Marketing 
> GEO Fencing 

What are the key advantages of performance marketing?

One of New Zealand’s sharpest marketing minds, our CEO Christine Kearney has engineered extraordinary growth for some of the most well-known brands in the world.

A proven leader in the marketing field, Christine talks about performance marketing as “separating the real from the reel”.

“There is a misconception in digital marketing that getting hundreds of thousands of views on a reel will translate into sales, but we know that if we are not targeting the right customers, these are just shallow, superficial and costly measures that hold no actual weight.

Put simply, pumping advertising dollars into boosting posts is no longer enough. Your ads and social channels can be getting a high number of views and clicks, but are they converting? In my experience if the answer is ‘no’, it’s not necessarily a problem with the product or the creative, it’s the technical strategy. That’s where specialist help matters most.”

Performance marketing has endless advantages for advertisers looking to turn clicks and likes into a clear return on investment. 

  • Performance marketing is analytics driven
    Digital marketing is not just about throwing content into the abyss of the internet and hoping something will go viral, it's about slicing through the saturation and reaching those who truly matter to your brand. Our strategists will canvas the online marketplace for your customer and create a compelling, data-informed campaign that optimises your spend, prioritses ROI, and keeps us accountable to that outcome.
  • Performance marketing is agile
    Digital channels allow for a much more targeted approach to traditional advertising. Analytics can track the performance of digital ads in real time, making sure they are reaching their intended audience and translating into dollars for your business. By monitoring this data throughout your campaign and recalibrating where necessary, we ensure your ads hit bullseye after bullseye. 
  • Performance marketing is scalable
    Traditional media marketing has always relied on big budgets and broad reach. This is fine for mass-market products that millions of people buy, but it isn’t a realistic or effective strategy for many boutique brands or niche designer products. If you are a new or established business stuck in a phase of passive growth, a bespoke performance marketing solution will help you level up and scale. 
  • Performance marketing is transparent
    Unlike other forms of marketing that carry a massive price tag without the tangible, measurable results, the beauty of performance marketing is that you can see exactly where your money is going – and what it’s bringing back in. This total transparency allows for a structured yet flexible approach to budgeting, based on real-time analytics that you can see, rather than numbers in a media kit that you have to trust.

What makes PH the performance marketing experts?

We call it digital chemistry.

PH is a rapidly-growing, commercially-led agency built by an experienced team of senior marketers and business owners. Our people have first-hand experience of the challenges businesses face to cut through the oversaturated market, drive sales and scale businesses. 

We understand that business is personal. We also know that digital marketing is a science. PH is neutral ground, and our digital chemists have the unique formulas to achieve precise outcomes for any brand in any industry – from start-ups to established businesses. 

Since 2017, PH has grown from ambitious start-up to one of New Zealand’s leading operators in the digital marketing space. To date, it has generated over half a billion dollars in revenue for its clients that include category leading-outfits The Curve, Superette, Deadly Ponies, Canterbury Clothing, ECC Lighting, Walker and Hall and Flooring Xtra. 

Post-pandemic, with increased cost-of-living and countless other global crises affecting consumer behaviour, it’s never been a more challenging time to market and sell non-essential items. 

This also means there’s never been a more important time for businesses to implement a robust performance marketing strategy. 

As specialists in performance marketing who are also well-versed on the full scope of traditional marketing measures, including print advertising and comms, events, activations, PR, content creation and influencer marketing, our team is ready to advise on the most powerful tools and platforms for each of our unique clients. 

By blending you a bespoke performance marketing strategy underpinned by our traditional marketing expertise and business acumen, your investment in us is an investment in the success of your business. And unlike other agencies that rely on vanity metrics to justify your spend, we measure success on sales.

Digital chemistry gets results. It all starts with PH.

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