Jun 10, 2024

Market Insights

Meta Updates May

From an overview of our May performance metrics, to creative trends shaping the landscape of paid social advertising, the following snapshot speaks to a month of innovation and growth in the world of Meta Ads.

May Paid Social Performance 

May was a month of positive growth with spending up 13% MoM, resulting in a 17% uptick in revenue. Additionally, our return on ad spend (ROAS) increased by 12% compared to April.

Spending also rose 13% YoY, reflecting increased investment from advertisers. Revenue surged by 35% YoY, with a corresponding 23% increase in ROAS.

Looking forward, it will be important to address rising acquisition costs. Our strategists recommend leveraging segmentation in your Klaviyo database to re-engage customers. Create a segment of individuals who haven't interacted with the database in the last three months, and utilise this data to target them on Meta.

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Spotlight on Creative: Powers of Comparison

Unsure of the right creative approach to take with your evergreen Meta ads? Take a leaf out of viral gardening brand GrowOya’s book which uses the powers of comparison to showcase the unique benefits of one of its top products against a standard competing product – in this case, a regular garden hose. It's clear, effective, and ideal for static designs.

Quick tip for video creative: Your ad only has two seconds to make an impact before viewers scroll on by, and the rest of your advertising dollars are wasted. Ensure your video ad starts with a hook to grab attention.

In one of its most successful TikTok ads, GrowOya hooks viewers with the line, “Gardening has never been this easy”, addressing a common pain point of their audience – the time-consuming nature of gardening.

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