May 13, 2024


Meta Updates April

From an overview of our April performance metrics, to the exciting developments shaping the landscape of paid social advertising, the following snapshot speaks to a month of innovation and growth in the world of Meta Ads.

April Meta Ads Performance

MoM, Meta revenue decreased by 3% along with spend which also decreased by 3%. We can attribute this to a softer trading month following EOFY, prompting brands to scale back their investments. Although traffic from Meta saw a slight increase compared to March, conversion rates declined due to prevalent window shopping behavior.

YoY, revenue on Meta surged by 34%, accompanied by a 6% increase in spend. Brands are leveraging AI-driven results on the platform, capitalising on its capabilities for improved performance.

Spotlight on Creative: Social Proof

Incorporating social proof into your creative strategy can significantly enhance customer trust and drive purchase motivation.

Did you know that 92% of customers hesitate to purchase if there are no reviews available?

Take a cue from viral reusable bag brand Baggu, which effectively integrates social proof into its creative by showcasing standout social media mentions for each product.

The takeaway:

> Add social proof to your site to build customer trust through platforms like Stampd or Yotpo.  
> Experiment with different ways to showcase positive reviews by adding these to your advertising creative to increase your conversion rate.
> If you have press mentions, promote those in your product pages, preferably at the top of the fold so it grabs visitors' attention!

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