Jan 7, 2024


Meta Platform Updates 

A robust Meta marketing strategy offers businesses a multitude of benefits, spanning from heightened brand visibility to increased conversions and business growth.

One of the most hardworking tools in your performance marketing toolbox, Meta's extensive reach across Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and Messenger means businesses can precisely target their ideal audience demographics, guaranteeing that your ads resonate with relevant users who are ready to convert.

Meta's comprehensive integrations with Shopify and Klaviyo also allow for extreme specificity of audience targeting, ensuring marketing messages are highly relevant.

Meta is constantly introducing updates, some of which have huge impacts to delivery and performance of campaigns and ads. Below are the most important recent updates to be aware of.  

  • Instagram shopping in-app
    Some overseas markets are adding payment gateways to Instagram so customers will be able to check out in-app. For now, Meta has disabled Instagram Shop product tagging in regions where this functionality is not yet available, including New Zealand. We can let you know how this affects you, and keep you up-to-date on any movements here.
  • Advantage Plus campaign targeting
    Advantage Plus is an algorithmic-driven campaign that has a very simple mechanism: input the country, and Facebook’s algorithm finds the users most likely to achieve the campaign’s objective – like conversions. This is great for scenarios such as flash sales, when the goal is to maximise conversions. It is less helpful when we want to achieve a specific goal within a specific audience segment.
  • Advantage Plus creative
    Our PH experts are strongly advising clients to beware of A+ creative. This update automatically combines your creative in unpredictable ways – not ideal for the integrity of your campaign. We recommend turning most AP creative automations off so we can maintain complete control over how ads are going to appear.

With cross-platform reporting and the use of real-time analytics, we can help you harness everything Meta has to offer your business. This includes reformatting your existing Meta campaigns to take any new platform updates into consideration. 

Our digital marketing strategies do more than generate likes and clicks; they spark reactions that drive conversions and produce revenue returns. A catalyst for growth, tailored to you.

Talk to us today about a data-driven Meta advertising strategy that will guarantee you get the most out of your marketing spend.

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