Jun 7, 2024


Meet the PH Team: Laura Maxwell, Head of Growth

As PH continues its evolution from ambitious start-up to one of the leading operators in New Zealand's digital marketing space, we are thrilled to introduce the newest member of our senior leadership team, Laura Maxwell.

Here, Laura tells us what attracts her to this work, and how she plans to steer our thriving agency through a new phase of growth and transformation.

Head of Growth is a new role for PH Digital. What does it entail?
The position involves expanding the commercial arm of the business. This includes reviewing the current business position, developing strategies to attract and convert new clients, implementing retention efforts for existing clients, and fostering crucial relationships with all contributors to the business.

You bring a wealth of commercial experience to PH, having spearheaded commercial strategy and partnerships for major corporate entities in NZ and overseas. What attracts you to this work?
I love being a solutionist and helping businesses drive growth and innovation. Commercial challenges are at the forefront for all businesses, so working with the minds behind the brand to develop a go-to-market strategy that positions their business in the best possible light and brings in a return is rewarding work.

What’s the key to a thriving business, and how do you balance the needs of clients, stakeholders and staff when growing and scaling a business sustainably?
The cornerstone of a successful business lies in understanding its identity and the values it embodies. This defines the company's reputation in the market and the general makeup of the business. Operating with a progressive and cohesive ethos sets off a chain reaction: it attracts the right talent, fosters the adoption of best practices, and ultimately ensures excellence in delivery for all stakeholders.

What’s a brand new challenge you are looking forward to conquering at PH?
Contributing to the overall growth strategy and success of a progressive business that is in its infancy of redefining itself in the marketplace.

What’s a piece of business advice that you always keep front of mind?
Have a strong understanding of your business, its areas of strength, and the competitive landscape. Knowing what sets your business apart is crucial when seeking innovative ways to differentiate your brand and achieve growth.

How do you make space for your own wellbeing, outside of work?
Spending time outdoors running and walking, enjoying a long black at a local cafe, or having a dining experience at a worldly venue – Auckland restaurants take you abroad to Italy, Spain, and Japan. Between the cuisine and interiors, you are one bite away from feeling like you’ve just left the airport! And of course, all must be done in the company of loved ones.

What’s something that excites you about the future of digital marketing?
The world is constantly evolving, and the beauty of digital marketing is its ability to adapt in real-time. It’s the one form of marketing that can keep businesses relevant and encourages experimentation. What I am most excited about is the reaction to change and how it will eventuate in a digital capacity.

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