May 17, 2024


Meet the PH Team: Courtney Sanders, Head of Performance

As our agency continues to thrive, we are thrilled to introduce some of the exceptional people contributing to the success of PH while achieving consistently impressive results for our valued clients.

Today we chat to our Head of Performance and storyteller extraordinaire Courtney Sanders about the crucial importance of brand building, and what her typical workday looks like.

What do you do as Head of Performance? Describe a typical day/week in your role.
I support our ace team of strategists to ensure they're delivering the best strategies and campaigns for our clients that will help them achieve their business goals. I also work on our holistic brand strategies, and have a small book of long-term clients I manage, which also ensures I stay sharp on the tools.

You have a strong background in brand storytelling. What excites you about this work?
If you have a product or service you’re really passionate about, introducing that to new customers in a clear and engaging way and getting them excited about it, too, is super rewarding.

How does your role marry the creative and the technical sides of marketing?
I love this question! There are two key parts of performance marketing: the creative side and the technical set-up. Both are as important as the other. My background in brand building means I can work with clients to optimise their creative – copy and imagery, usually – and ensure we are launching their performance activity in the most high-impact way possible. Once their activity is live, our strategists track its performance in real time and use performance metrics to continually tweak and improve results for the duration of the campaign.

What is your favourite type of client or brief?
All our clients know what they want to achieve and often they will have a broad idea of how to achieve it, but the best clients recognise where expert help is needed. For example, the perfect client might know that they want to increase the number of times a customer purchases in a year, and they’ll also know that they don’t have the specialist skills in-house to create and implement the detailed roadmap that’ll get them there. This is where we come in. It’s incredibly rewarding to be able to provide clients with that specific information and implementation necessary to achieving their top-level business goals.

Who do you collaborate with most in your role, and what does that look like?
With our strategists! We have a really collaborative relationship where we discuss their clients and performance challenges and I work with them to find a solution that delivers for everyone.

What’s a new trend in digital marketing that clients should know about?
The absolute necessity of brand building to cut through the noise on all platforms. Brand building is crucial to customer acquisition and loyalty, as well as making those all-important sales, and can be done inexpensively with a proactive omni-channel marketing strategy. If you want any hot tips, get in touch!

What always inspires you when you need it?
The Vogue Runway app. Trawling collections and creating boards is my new TradeMe Watchlist.

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