May 13, 2024


Google Updates April

From an overview of our April performance metrics, to the exciting developments shaping the landscape of digital advertising, the following snapshot speaks to a month of innovation and growth in the world of Google Ads.

April Google Ads Performance

April was all about consistency, with just a slight decline MoM for cold general search campaigns, evidenced in both click-through and revenue metrics.

Notably, there was a 15% decrease in CTR for cold general campaigns, whereas Shopping, Pmax, and brand campaigns saw a strong uptick. This suggests a shift towards direct brand searches by consumers, indicating a preference for targeted shopping over engagement with broader cold search terms.

YoY, spend was up 10%. Despite this, CPMS have remained stable, leading to favorable improvements across key metrics: impressions are up 8%, clicks by 12%, CTR by 5%, and CPC has decreased 1%.

We've also witnessed robust growth in conversion value year over year, taking into consideration attribution changes from UA to GA4. This is an encouraging trend for those investing in, or considering advancing their digital marketing efforts in the second half of 2024.

April Google Ads Updates

New AI features for PMax provide valuable insights for advertisers, enabling deeper performance analysis and full-funnel optimisation.

Customer Value Mode: Tailored for high-value customer acquisition, this beta feature aligns with purchase conversion goals to attract valuable customers.

Customer Retention Goal: Also in beta mode, this feature helps advertisers to win back lost customers, nurture relationships and strengthen retention strategies.

Detailed Demographics: Gain deeper audience insights with data on age and gender groups. Refine targeting and tailor campaigns effectively.

Account-Level IP Address Exclusions: Prevent wasted ad spend by excluding specific IP addresses. Ensure budget efficiency by targeting relevant audiences.

Final URL Expansion: Experiment with more relevant landing pages to optimise performance. Refine strategies for stronger results.

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