Digital strategies to create 
reactions that matter.

In today’s digital world, building meaningful connections with your audience is the key to sustainable growth. Specialising in Performance Marketing, PH delivers tangible returns. With a dedicated team, we optimise your digital investment, ensuring adaptability, accountability, and data-driven strategies for top-line growth.

Our Proven Formula

Our digital marketing strategies do more than generate likes and clicks; they spark reactions that drive engagement, conversions, and lasting brand loyalty. A catalyst for growth, tailored to you.


Initial Digital Audit

Before onboarding clients, we provide a complimentary digital audit to thoroughly examine your business's digital strategy, including campaign structure and targeting, conversion tracking, creative performance, and the overall customer experience. Through real-time customer data analysis, we pinpoint inefficiencies and barriers to conversion.



Expert Analysis

During this phase, we conduct rigorous market research, encompassing your market landscape, competitors, budget optimisation, and scalability potential. We'll then provide you with a strategic roadmap customised to deliver short-term gains and sustainable long-term outcomes.



Strategy Formulation

At this stage, our distinctive approach sets us apart. Your campaign gains a unique advantage with director-level expertise and insights from our Senior Digital strategists. We meticulously tailor your strategy, ensuring a responsible and effective path toward digital growth.



Seamless Execution

At PH, we recognise that flawless execution is paramount. Following the implementation of your digital strategy, we tirelessly refine and optimise it to maximise conversions and return on investment. Working closely with you on your campaigns, our aim is to expand your customer base, bolster your brand equity, and ultimately attain sustainable long-term revenue growth.

Industries we work with

We work with clients across a range of industries including Beauty & Wellness, Fashion & Retail, Commercial Services, FMCG

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Results Driven

Like a litmus test, our results are tangible and measurable. We remain adaptable, accountable, and wholly driven by analytics. Our expertise not only generates likes and clicks but also drives engagement, sparks conversions, and fosters lasting brand loyalty. This goes beyond mere brand building, optimising your digital investment to yield an increase in top-line revenue.

October ‘23

$4.5 million

Delivered revenue from PH managed ads
October ‘23

54 million

Views on PH managed ads
October ‘23

847, 760

Clicks on PH managed ads
October ‘23


Total PH managed in paid spend
2023 Full Year Data
$1.92 billion
total sales across PH service & ecommerce clients
2023 Full Year Data
7.2 million
total agency spend
2023 Full Year Data
$56.3 million
Shopify revenue delivered from our PH managed ads *excluding service clients and in store sales
2023 Full Year Data
views on PH managed ads
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